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the second kalafina - sprinter cover by me

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Minimalist - Shinhwa

LOL so true!

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That awkward moment when you steal a glance at someone, and get caught in the act…

LOL. Real smooth, Jaejoong.

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“A handsome guy, a funny guy, but… A guy who often goes through mental breakdown.” - Song Ji Hyo about Kim Jaejoong.

“Among the actresses, Song Ji Hyo… Is the most beautiful.” Kim Jaejoong about Song Ji Hyo.

Jaejoong and Jihyo for April

<3 JaeHyo

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No Gain - Xia Junsu of JYJ (cover)

just another (bad) short cover version…

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Lie - CN Blue (cover)

just another (bad) short cover…

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My favorite couple

They’re so stunning…

<3 JaeHyo


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I love Jack… XD

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you and me…

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Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

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